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Marketing //  Paid search & Organic search marketing


Organic Search Engine Marketing

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Good News: Thousands of people are asking for what you have to offer

Great News: most of them will end up buying it

Not So Great News: it will probably be from someone else.


At least half of all customers considering purchases began their research online.
Those customers were also more likely to ultimately buy the products online. Online sales in the US grew to over $136 billion last year. Search engines like Google allow most anybody to find out most anything about most everything, using only a few key words as clues. With millions of competing pages, most people don't go beyond the first page of results, and hardly anyone sees pages 4 and beyond.

On any page of search engine results you're likely to find two things: Results and Advertising. Search results are organic listings, relevant answers to the searchers request. Advertisements are the spaces the search engines rent out. Over 70% of search users prefer to click on organic listings rather than advertisements. Searchers perceive organic listings as having more relevance or authority.

Searchers are a motivated, active audience making a request for you and what you have to offer. If you're not towards the top - of the front page, that is - they probably won't find you. The first result on a search page has twice the traffic as the second result, and five times the traffic of the fifth? There are thousands of people for what you have to offer. Most of them will end up buying it. It will probably be from someone else.

The Fortune Group is a search engine service provider specializing in Organic Search Marketing. Thousands of first place listings bring our clients more business every day.


Understanding organic search engine optimization


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Organic SEO is critical to the effectiveness of your company’s website. Let’s face it; the web is what Google says it is. If you don’t show up on the first page of a Google search, you essentially don’t exist to more than half of all US consumers, becuase they start thier purchase process online. Not being visible makes your site at best a second-round draft pick (if you get picked at all).

Think of us as chiropractors. What a chiropractor does for a body - aligning your frame for proper movement, diagnosing causes of dis-ease, promoting optimal health - we do for your website: "aligning" your architeture and source code to work properly, diagnosing sources of errors and penalties, and optimizing any promotional activities to make the most bang for your buck.

Not so long ago, internal factors SEO was the way to put your site to the top of the search engine result pages (SERPS). Times have changed and while most search engine success comes from off-site, internal factors still determine whether or not your site is a contender. While not the silver bullet it used to be, SEO can provide a platform for online marketing success. Indexibility, accessibility and usability go a long way in capturing the attention of your audience and converting prospects to customers. Without proper optimization, your site is at a great disadvantage in the marketplace.

Don't get left out of the game.


The search results are long-lasting

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Organic SEO keeps your website appearing on the search result pages for a long time because your website gives the search engines exactly what they want — relevancy. Relevancy is something you cannot achieve by “tricks” or by paying for it. You can only be relevant by being relevant, and that means, constantly generating content that people want to find and consume. As long as you ensure relevant content, other websites link to you, and the search engines love your website for that.